Bard, Rao + Athanas Consulting Engineers has a design and management philosophy based upon the most senior experienced staff being involved in providing engineering leadership and excellence through hands-on and day-to-day engineering for projects rather than senior management personnel concentrating on and providing in-house business and administrative-focused leadership.

We are an engineering practice-focused firm first and a business-oriented firm second. This important emphasis has resulted in the focus of our energies to providing proven state-of-the-art leadership in the design and engineering of the mechanical and electrical disciplines for a variety of project types. All BR+A engineering projects are staffed, designed and managed by at least one principal.

Our corporate philosophy is based upon providing the best state-of-the-art proven engineering concepts for owners on highly technical projects. Our practice has evolved in the past 30 years continually seeking and providing MEP/FP engineering on the most technically challenging architectural projects. We cannot, and will not accept an assignment we cannot adequately service or staff. Our firm thrives on repeat clients as a result of our engineering excellence and ability to communicate and ‘partner’ with the Owner, CM and design team. We are a T E A M oriented firm.

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