BR+A’s goal is to rigorously and continuously improve our performance.  To ensure this, we use metrics such as Water, Energy and CO2 Intensity and actively engage in rating systems including LEED and Energy-Star.  These metrics guide the design process and become powerful tools for our clients to communicate with their stakeholders.  As a result, our portfolio includes dozens of LEED projects, including LEED Gold Certified research and healthcare buildings with over 30% energy savings.  We are currently working on projects with a number of institutions, targeting LEED Platinum and working toward a carbon-neutral future. 

BR+A Performance Benchmarking + LEED services include:

  • LEED Project Management
  • Energy Star
  • ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient
  • Labs21 & GGHC
  • 2030 Challenge
  • GHG Emissions Reporting

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