Announcing New BR+A Promotions (October 2016)

Please join us in congratulating these individuals in recognition of their achievements and contributions to our company.




Brian K. Monahan, HFDP



(From top left to right) Predrag Ciric, PE  |  William Dell  |  Pedro Gonzalez  |  Andrew D. Kozak, PE, CEM, LEED AP  |  Brendan G. Lynch  |  Christina G. Mahady, PE, LEED AP  |  Stephen J. Montibello, PE  |  Mark E. Octeau, LEED AP  |  Rajen N. Patel  |  Durvall Pedro  |  Raymond Prucha, PE, LEED AP  |  Kurt M. Shank, PE, CEM, GBE, LEED AP, BEMP, HBDP, HFDP

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