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  • $31,500,000

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Westborough, Massachusetts

Respules 5th Line – Building 12. Addition of a manufacturing and packaging line for expanding Respule Production within the existing 1st floor of the West Lawn Respules Building. Project included a 2-story addition for mechanical equipment and storage. Construction Cost: $14,000,000.

Respules 6th & 7th Line – Building 14. Addition of two manufacturing and packaging lines for Respule project. Lines 6 and 7 were to be on two floors of a new 10,000 SF addition adjoining the existing Building 12. The 3rd floor of this new addition was for mechanical and electrical equipment serving Lines 6 and 7. Project completed through Construction Documents.

Sterile Core Phase 1B – Building 3. A 2-phase, 2-year project upgrading the support areas of the aseptic core on the 2nd floor of the filling area in the Parenteral Building. AstraZeneca initiated the 2-phase project in order to enhance compliance with current FDA, cGMP and EU guidelines, as they relate to material and personnel flow, air flow and finishes. Engineering and design included modification and rebalancing of existing air handling units and re-classification of renovated spaces. Construction Cost: $4,000,000.

Microbiology Laboratory Upgrade Phase 1 – Building 14. New microbiology suite on the 1st floor of the new Respules Addition located in Building 14. The space was previously designed for Lines 6 and 7 (which were never constructed). Equipment that had been designed for these two respule lines was modified to accommodate the requirements of the microbiology lab. Construction Cost: $4,600,000.

Microbiology Laboratory Upgrade – Phase 2 – Building 3. Modifications to the existing microbiology suite on the 2nd floor of Building 3. A new air handling unit was designed separating the supply air from the production areas of the Parenteral Building. Construction Cost: $1,400,000.

GMP Enhancement Wash Area Airlock – Building 3. Two-phase project upgraded the Parenteral Drug Manufacturing areas including the glass wash, vial capping and immediate surrounding classified support areas. Phase 1 included new diffusers, registers and supply and return ductwork tying into existing air handling units. A new air handling unit was provided in the adjacent warehouse and all utilities brought to it. Phase 2 is the connection of Phase 1 ductwork to the new air handling unit. Construction cost: $4,000,000.

Central Steam Plant Expansion. Engineering study and MEP design to expand existing 1,600 HP high pressure steam plant and campus distribution for process and HVAC use at Westborough manufacturing facility. Final MEP design expanded the capacity of steam boiler plant to 2,400 HP, including addition of 1 @ 800 HP boiler and complete replacement of feedwater system and 100 ft. tall chimney. Design included detailed construction phasing plan to avoid any shutdown of pharmaceutical production. Construction Cost: $2,500,000.

Videoconferencing Facility. Project involves creating a 1,450 SF training and meeting facility in the existing Cube Building which is currently general office space. HVAC will require new diffusers, registers, supply and return ductwork tying into an existing air handling unit. Construction cost: $400,000.

Manufacturing Warehouse. Removal of three rooftop packaged Direct Expansion units and replacing with new ones in the same location. These units were tied into the existing Johnson Control system in the warehouse. Winter humidity was increased to 30% RH which requires new humidifier and steam and condensate piping. A new exhaust fan was provided for the battery charging station. Construction cost: $600,000.

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