Troubleshooting Systems and Building Operation

Frequently, we discover issues in buildings related to turnover in O&M staff or building management. Over time the building systems and its working infrastructure begin to falter, ultimately affecting the occupants. Here are a few typical scenarios:

  • Building management and control systems no longer meet the needs of the building
  • Electrical systems don't deliver reliable power supply at varying load requirements and modes of operation
  • HVAC systems don't maintain the desired temperatures, humidity and ventilation rates
  • Life-safety systems generate frequent trouble conditions or "false alarms"
  • Building systems and their interdependencies no longer function
  • Sequencing and system function no longer align with the original intended operation
  • Plumbing systems don't provide adequate hot and cold water at desired temperature and pressure

BR+A has a staff of commissioning professionals, systems specialist and professional engineers that offer the tools and resources to assist you in resolving building operational issues. With our extensive background in commissioning, DDC controls, building operations and TAB knowledge, BR+A is your firm of choice for troubleshooting systems and building operational issues. We bring to you years of practical know-how and working knowledge to help get your facility and systems operating better and more efficiently.

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