What do the Interns Have to Say?

Elizabeth - Wentworth Institute of Technology
Getting to go on site and see the jobs first hand has been the most valuable teaching tool. Employees at BR+A are very willing to answer questions and explain something in detail, in terms that are understandable. BR+A offers lunch and learns, with reps of the different products that BR+A specs. It is very helpful to get to see and hear about the little “symbols” I draw in AutoCAD. As a co-op I have been exposed to various parts of the industry that school doesn’t teach you. Not only was I welcomed to the work family I was also welcomed to the BR+A softball team, which was a lot of fun. As an architecture student, I not only have a grasp on how the building is designed but also what actually goes into the building and what makes it function. In my second semester with BR+A I had the opportunity of being exposed to the LEED credits BR+A is responsible for. From calculating air flow and ventilation percentages to working with lighting drawings, I was exposed more in depth with what HVAC engineers do and how they do it.

Jessica - Wentworth Institute of Technology
Not only did I learn a great deal working at BR+A but the experience of working with the amount of professionals there was amazing. They are professionals but they also make the office an enjoyable place to work.

The greatest part of working here has by far been the trips to sites to see the project’s you’ve been working on actually being built. It provides an ever greater understanding of what you’re actually drawing in AutoCAD to be able to look up and see how the ducts come together and the air handling units, fans, and coils all in action. The people are extremely helpful, and are there to answer any questions we have, explain how things work, and even take us on site to see these things in real.

Working at BR+A was a great opportunity and I am grateful that I got the chance to expand my knowledge into the engineering field.

Elspeth - Rochester Institute of Technology
At BR+A, I got to work on many projects with a number of workers. I also was involved with the company's softball team. Both in and out of the work place, my experience with the employees was positive, and I learned a lot not only about HVAC, but how the company works in general, which was a great introduction to me as my first co-op experience.

Colin - UMASS Amherst
I had a great time working with BR+A. During my internship at BR+A I thoroughly enjoyed waking up every morning and head to the office to find out what I would learn that day. Getting a chance to Intern at BR+A made the best introduction to a "Big Boy" job I could ask for. Since I had yet to have one before, I didn't know what to expect. But BR+A is a comfortable, friendly and overall terrific place to work and learn. All the employees at BR+A will take the time out to show you the ropes of working in an office. I was able to get real hands on experience and contribute to ongoing projects. Being able to see your work appear on the official floorplans is quite satisfying. It's like getting an A on a school report and having your Professor asked to keep to show the next class. 

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