Technology and Communications Services

Our Technology and Communications Services Group is an experienced, diverse, forward-thinking assembly of professionals that work collaboratively with the Project Team to provide the most current and cost effective solutions to facility design, thereby maximizing the facility's return on investment.  Technology is changing rapidly and without effective guidance, it is increasingly difficult to weave an efficient web of new technology and equipment with a communications infrastructure that will optimize efficiency and ensure the most current and up-to-date facility available today.

Together with the team, we develop and implement a plan that will promote the best path to success.  Our design methodology will ensure that the project will generate a finished product that meets, or exceeds all expectations.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Project planning, scheduling and budget projections.
  • System and equipment needs assessment, value engineering, audit and replacement planning
  • Room-by-room equipment and communication item reports, Department Summary reports, etc.
  • Project summary reports on financials, equipment and communication items.
  • Detailed status tracking of Communication Planning (COM) items throughout the design process.
  • Architecturally Significant Equipment (ASE) books - online and hardcopy formats.
  • Strategic planning with Administration / Executives to optimize the ROI and logical placement of resources relating to COM items.
  • Comprehensive technology infrastructure planning.
  • Low-voltage communication design services.
  • Wiring diagrams and device locations.
  • Full-service COM drawings and documents.
  • Procurement coordination, scheduling and tracking.
  • RFI and response management relating to COM needs.
  • On-line and up-to-date design progress information throughout the project.


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