BR+A provides integrated engineering and sustainability services dedicated to ‘net positive’ design, to a future where the built environment is a source of health and renewal for the occupants, the community, and the environment. At the core of our NET+ initiative are BR+A’s visionary engineers and analysts who proactively engage with the broader project team. Together, we find the synergies that transform a typical project into a building that sets a new standard.

BR+A is passionate about setting high goals, creating the plan to achieve those goals and then executing that plan with meticulous attention to detail. Through innovative design, dynamic building simulation, and clear communication, we help the team to prioritize investment and maximize building performance. This is evidenced through our portfolio of sustainable projects including over twenty million square feet of certified projects, including LEED Platinum and Zero
Net Energy.

BR+A is a carbon neutral company. We are committed to sustainable business practices, including purchasing green power for all of our offices and carbon credits for our remaining footprint. BR+A is also a signatory to the AIA 2030 Commitment. 

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