Energy Engineer

BR+A seeks an entry-level Engineer to join the Energy Team in our Watertown, MA (Boston) office. In this position you will work as part of our in-house energy team, developing simulations for unique and challenging projects. Guidance will be provided by our expert staff to accelerate you toward proficiency. The ideal candidate should have some familiarity with ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G and/or load calculations, using Trace or eQuest. Candidates should have a strong understanding of mechanical systems and the ability to pick up new concepts quickly.


  • BS Degree in Mechanical/Architectural Engineering
  • Experience related to building energy-systems design or energy-audits/evaluations


  • Degree from an ABET accredited program
  • Computer Skills: Trane Trace 700, eQUEST, Revit, AutoCAD
  • Experience with calculations and application for financial incentives
  • Experience with existing building energy-evaluations

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