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Project Highlights

  • 1,200,000 SF
  • $185,000,000
  • 1st Place ASHRAE Technology Award

Hospital Replacement Facility

Lebanon, New Hampshire

1,200,000 SF complex integrating activities of Dartmouth Medical School, Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital and the Hitchcock Clinic. The project includes a 178,500 SF, 328-bed Inpatient Care Building, a 392,000 SF Diagnostic and Treatment Facility, a 163,000 SF Physician Clinic, a 148,000 SF Medical School Facility, a 208,000 SF Biomedical Research Building, a 130,000 SF Cancer Treatment Center, a 21,000 SF Remote Energy Plant with Ice Storage refrigeration System and six Dedicated Heart OR’s, ICU, Cath Labs and Vascular Labs. Construction cost: $185,000,000. Construction completed in 1993 with subsequent phases completed in 1995, 1997 and 1999.

The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center received a national First Place 1994 ASHRAE Technology Award “Recognizing Outstanding Achievement in the Design and Operation of Energy-Efficient Buildings;” as well as a 1993 Energy Efficient building Award “Recognizing Excellence and Innovation in Energy Efficiency and Building Management” presented by Energy User News. The project received Special Recognition in the Design 2000 Program, the 1994 National Awards Program for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy from the US Department of Energy.

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