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  • $40,000,000

John Adams Building Infrastructure Upgrade

Quincy, Massachusetts

This project involves conversion of the Energy Plant from a high temperature hot water system to a low temperature hot water system, including replacement of the three existing 600 BHP boilers and all accessories. The chiller system is comprised of a multitude of sizes and ages of electric and absorption chillers. When the infrastructure upgrade is completed, the chiller system will consist of five 800-ton electric centrifugal chillers, all capable of operating on emergency standby power. The entire standby power generation will be replaced while maintaining the existing systems operations during the replacement. When completed, there will be five 2,000 KW generators that will provide power to 100% of the John Adams Building, including all HVAC, electrical and Plumbing and Fire Protection and Teledata systems, plus the updated 20,000 SF Data Center.

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