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Project Highlights

  • 465,560 SF
  • $180,000,000 (Phase 1); $120,000,000 (Phase 2)

Ghana Ridge Hospital

Accra, Ghana

The new 465,560 SF (43,252 square meter) hospital, now under construction, will deliver modern healthcare facilities to women and children and will become the largest hospital in the country to date. The four-story facility, accommodating 600 beds and more than 12 surgical theaters, will be home to numerous hospital services including accident and emergency, diagnostic and treatment, public health, dental, administration, labs, pharmacy, burn unit, ICUs, pediatrics, NICUs, respiratory therapy, OB/GYN, delivery suites, acute care, post-partum and obstetrics acute care. The project also consists of relevant support space, kitchen area, and public areas. Contemporary medical equipment will provide the modern infrastructure needed to create connections between Ghana and the broader, global medical community, and will also allow a radiologist at Johns Hopkins Medical Center to view information from Ghana, allowing physicians to consult with each other across continents.

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